Our Canvas

Your Creation

Customize with our backgrounds and stickers, or upload a photo to create your own unique accessory.

Endless options

Choose a background

Pick from our preloaded designs or upload your own images directly into the customizer to create an original canvas out of your photos.

Pro Tip: You can layer multiple backgrounds for more depth.

Add stickers

Select stickers to make your design even more fun. Create your own by using Picsart background removal tool and go wild. 

Pro Tip: Add multiple stickers and layer them over each other.

Add text

We have amazing fonts added into the customizer, so you can add your name, initials, mantra, or something clever and fun to complete your design. 

Pro Tip: Keep it short and sweet.

Review your design

Once you’re done designing use our 3D view to get a feel for your completed design. If you have multiple products designed you can toggle between them shown together or individually. Once you are happy add them to your basket.

Exclusive Collections